This segment comprises the two business units of fibre cement and steel, which supply products to Western African countries. Fibre Cement

Everite Building Products
This business offers fibre cement building products, under the Nutec brand, used in residential and industrial applications:
  • Roofing
  • Ceiling boards
  • Façades and cladding
  • Storm water pipes
  • Building columns
  • Channels and manholes

Advanced Building Technologies
Nutec Modular Panel System: Relocation, disaster relief, rectification, staff accommodation, farm labour housing and
student accommodation (dormitories).

Everite fibre cement pioneered Advanced Building Technologies (ABT), which provides a very fast and efficient alternative to traditional building practices. It involves building with a
lightweight steel frame clad with Everite fibre cement cladding and lined with Everite flat sheets. A variety of external and internal
finishes can be applied depending on a client’s specification.

The steel business manufactures a range of steel products that are used in the construction industry.

Barnes Reinforcing Industries (BRI)
BRI offers a range of steel reinforcing products including:

  • Rebar
  • Weld mesh
  • Brickforce
  • Binding wire

Group Five Pipe
Manufacturers and suppliers of large diameter spirally welded steel pipes with optional lining and coating.